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Jelqing Results and Side Effects

jelqing results and side effectsFor many people looking to enlarge their penises using natural methods, jelqing is often one of the most proven methods of elongating your penis and increasing the girth. This is possible thanks to the pliable nature of the Corpora Cavernosa -the spongy tissue in your penis that fills up with blood when you’re aroused. Admittedly, the technique is controversial.

Therefore, lots of people argue that it doesn’t work. Is this true? No. People who say this natural penis enlargement method doesn’t work either don’t know what they’re talking about or tried it for just a few days or a week and didn’t see any results. The thing about jelqing is that it’s kind of like muscle building.

Jelqing Results

With jelqing you need to keep at it for at least 4-8 weeks to start seeing measurable results. For the first few weeks, you may not notice any significant increase in length. Don’t worry, as long as you stick with it and do it consistently, you can increase your penis’ length and girth by 1-3 inches in 3-6 months. If you want faster gains, it’s better to use a penis extender like ProExtender.

Is there any possibility of injuries from jelqing? Yes there is. If you pull too hard or are too rough with your penis, you may end up getting hurt. Remember it is not about how hard or how intense the workout is. It’s about consistency. Once you can do that, you’ll be fine.

How To Jelq?

how do you jelq your penisJelqing is mostly about forcing blood into your penis –nothing new if you’re already having erections- and milking the penis using your forefinger and thumb while it’s in a semi-erect state. The spongy tissue that makes up the penis is therefore, stretched and elongated resulting in a longer and thicker penis.

The thing about this is that people can get too hard on themselves at the onset in the belief that the more they do it within a short period, the better their chances of growing their penis faster. Not so.

Is it Possible to Get Rashes from Jelqing?

Yes, this is totally possible. Again, refer to my point about being rough. If you’re too rough on your penis, it’ll cause abrasions. This is particularly common among guys who don’t use any form of lubrication while jelqing.

Know one thing today: if you want those results, you need lubricants. So, get yourself some lubricants for your sessions. Something as common as petroleum jelly will do it. And if you already have the rashes, using topical ointments or mild skin creams will help. Also, make sure to keep that area dry and clean.

You Could Get Some Bruising and Strained Ligaments

penis pain from jelqingCan you get bruised from jelqing? Yes, if you’re rough and hard on your dick. Take it slow and firmly but gently. Add some lubricant during your sessions and you’ll be fine.

And sometimes, in spite of all the care, you’ll still notice some bruising. Whenever this happens, don’t sweat it. It is normal. Just allow it to heal –usually it heals in 2-3 days if you don’t jelq during that period- and you’ll be okay.

If you find that the ligaments at the base of your penis hurts or you have some small bleeding when peeing –it happens- just rest for a few days and you’ll be fine. If the bleeding doesn’t stop after 3-5 days however, see your doctor quickly.

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